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Product Description

Unblock quest is all set to charge up your mind as you set up and solve the puzzles to unblock the odd coloured piece. You have a 5x5 inch plastic maze set with 9 puzzle pieces of 2 different size. Set up the maze as per the challenge given in the cards and move the pieces to remove the odd colored piece out from the slot. Once you have solved a challenge, set up the next one given in the card and move from easier to more difficult ones. To make it more challenging try to do it in least number of moves or within a set time. You can choose from 3 different difficulty levels. While it is recommended to start with easy, some of you would like to go straight for the toughest ones.

Other Details

Brand Name : IMAGI MAKE
Measurement: 24 x 16.6 x 2.4 cm
Age Group (rec..) : 3

Product Points : 45