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Mathematics is always deemed as a difficult subject. Virgo toys brings a pleasant surprise to parents as it presents a great game, making math a subject of fun. Virgo presents the Number Perfect game that is the perfect antidote for children who may not understand abstract maths from textbooks. The Number Perfect is an amazing tool that lays an excellent foundation for the concept of numbers. Watch in delight as your children master the basics of number recognition, simple counting and simple addition. The number cards along with 12 number cubes help children to enhance their cognitive skills and logical thinking abilities to a great extent. Designed specifically for little boys and girls aged three and older, the Number Perfect game ensures long hours of thinking and basic mental computation. Physically handling the cards and cubes adds an enjoyable angle to this innovative mathematical game. Let your children experience the thrill of arriving at a correct answer through their individual efforts or along with their companions. Primary school teachers and parents who are looking to introduce a little fun into their teaching curriculum can include the Virgo Toys Number Perfect game and make children’s learning time an enjoyable one.

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Brand Name : Virgo
Measurement: NA
Age Group (rec..) : 2

Product Points : 45