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Kaadoo: your nature safari on the go! Get up close with the king of the jungle, in the sprawling Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat 
  • Fun and educational wildlife safari board game for children and the whole family. Ideally suited for children aged 6 to 12 years.
  • One-of-a-kind board game created by wildlife photographer and enthusiast Diinesh Kumble; approved and co-branded by the World Wildlife Fund [WWF] India.
  • A game for everyone, offering hours of group play, driving through the jungle, discovering amazing wild beasts and facing the ups and downs of a safari.
  • Offers quick set up and easy understanding for kids and yet involves strategic thinking on the use of cards to alter game status.
  • Educates children on the flora and fauna and develops in them a taste for nature and wildlife.

Other Details

Brand Name : Kadoo
Measurement: Kadoo
Age Group (rec..) : 3

Product Points : 10