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A fast paced exciting game. 32 pieces of high quality plastics with bright colors that fit into 16 cubes. Only the correct specific combination of 2 (two) pieces can form a cube. Can be called "I-Q" Building Blocks.Fit the pieces into cubes within the time limit. Packed in a pasted box for easy storage.Improves logical thinking.

Skills Your Child Will Practice

  • Improves practical ability
  • Development of cognitive abilities
  • Improves practical ability
  • Promotes Hand-Eye coordination

Within Time Limit

  • 16 Cubes made- Excellent
  • 12cubes made- Good
  • 8 Cubes made- Average
  • 4 Cubes made- Need Practice


  • 32 Plastic Pieces
  • 1 Plastic Tray
  • 1 Timer Toy

Other Details

Brand Name : Virgo
Measurement: NA
Age Group (rec..) : 2

Product Points : 45